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Counseling will be provided for each resident at the frequency and duration prescribed in his/her treatment plan. Counseling may occur in a group setting or individually as stated in the treatment plan and could include a variety of topics.

Individual counseling may not exceed one hour every two weeks and group counseling will not exceed one hour every month. Counseling topics will be consistent with the program goals and treatment plans and will be provided by a Licensed Professional.

Counseling topics may include life skills, personal development, therapeutic recreation, and crisis management. 


Personnel will continuously monitor the residence and activities to ensure that all residents are safe and that behaviors are consistent with house rules and treatment goals.

Assistance in Self-Administration of Medication

Qualified personnel will assist residents on an as-needed basis with self-administration of medications.

Assistance with self-administration can include storage of participant's medication, reminders of medication times, and opening a medication container for a participant.

Assistance with self-administration of medication also includes verification that medications are being taken by the participant for whom it is prescribed, dosage taken matches the container's label, confirmation that participant takes medication as prescribed and observation of participant taking medication to prevent errors/overdose. 


Group Therapy

Our therapists are licensed to provide therapeutic interventions to meet the needs of our clientele. We hire certified therapists to meet these needs. 

Individual Therapy

Do you have someone you can trust to share your feelings without being judged? Individual therapy is the place to get this help. Call us today to book an appointment 623-235-9307

Family Therapy

We provide therapy for the whole family. Our professionals will work through any family dynamics that may exist until we find the help we need for your family and loved ones. Call us today. 

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