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Helping you live a healthy and fulfilling life.


One Love Family Care, LLC. is a Behavioral Health Residential Facility in Phoenix, AZ.


We provide shelter and support services for behavioral health residents who have a history of serious mental diagnosis (SMI), and to those who have completed mandated counseling who are deemed not to be a danger to the community or themselves. 

We provide counseling to assist with personal development and life skills, including self administration of medication. 


One Love Family Care, exists to support the whole person. We will assist clients to live independently in their place of choice and without any restrictions.


One Love Family Care, seeks to become the provider of choice. We will serve our community of Phoenix by providing personalized services to all who need us.



Counseling will be provided for each resident at the frequency and duration prescribed in his/her treatment plan. Counseling may occur in a group setting or individually as stated in the treatment plan and could include a variety of topics.


Personnel will continuously monitor the residence and activities to ensure that all residents are safe and that behaviors are consistent with house rules and treatment goals.

Assistance in Self-Administration of Medication

Qualified personnel will assist residents on an as-needed basis with self-administration of medications.

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